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Drew Lago, better known as DL da ARSUN is a Hip Hop artist born and raised in Vallejo, California but currently residing in Los Angeles (Hollywood). Whether in a lyrical cipher or creating radio hits in the studio, DL has this unique energy that will naturally capture your undivided attention. He delivers that feel-good music with mind-blowing metaphors, jaw-dropping punch lines, with a smooth flow sprinkled with humor. 

In 5th grade, he started to express his artistic side by writing his first rap. By middle school, he knew this was his calling in life; when he went to his first recording studio in Marin, California. That's when he officially fell in love with creating music. 

It's more than just making music for DL. His passionate, inspirational music touches lives and uplifts those who feel they have hit rock bottom in life. And that's why he refuses to quit

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DL wins Boost Mobile Contest and gets flown to LA to meet DJ Skee at Dash Radio.


DL opens up for E40 in Boise, Idaho.

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